Social Media Platforms You Need to Stop Ignoring Now


If you think that Facebook and Instagram are the only game, then you are dead wrong. Too often businesses stick to the basic 4: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and then ignore other social media. These Social Media Platforms You Need to Stop Ignoring Now are listed below. They might be more fun, have just…

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The Ultimate List of Blogger Influencer Networks: Get Paid to Blog


Influencer Networks are a must for any blogger! They link brands with bloggers and help promote content. They link beauty bloggers with make up brands and food bloggers with food brands. It’s great tool for getting paid to blog and these networks are an essential step before pitching to brands directly. Pitching to brands can…

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Best 15 Instagram Apps to Rock Your Content


You guys, I am getting super serious about Instagram. If you are a business you need to think beyond family photos or even just photos of your products. You need to make your content stand out and your content sparkle. That means placement of images, telling a color story and ensuring that everything blends, using…

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